SELFiD is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to help youth cultivate a positive self-image and individually define health.


Together, let's build your best you.  






Ashley Wood - CEO, Co-Founder
My convention in life is this: do what you love and do it with excellence. I desire to give back in ways that propel others toward actualizing their potential, but I firmly believe we are best positioned to serve others only when we authentically know ourselves.

So, who am I? At my core, I am inquisitive, disciplined, fiercely competitive, and have a strong love for iced coffee. But above all, I am thankful you stumbled upon SELFiD and I hope you feel compelled to join our cause.
Brandon Peterson - COO, Co-Founder
I love the saying, "It's never too late." If people don't take chances then they will never experience the unexpected opportunities of life. I try to live my life with an optimistic mindset because with that mentality each day is an adventure and an opportunity to help others. Everyone needs a little help every once in a while and that is okay. Take away the judgment, accept the unfamiliar, and work together. These are the three ingredients for a better tomorrow.
Kayla Ott - CCO, Co-Founder
My life (or bio) isn't about me at all. I could list my credentials and hope you think I’m legit. But the truth is that I spent most of my life as a short-fused, conditionally happy person. Eventually, life’s uncertainties became the death of my joy.

My life isn’t about what I’ve done or will do -- it’s about how my experiences can help others grow. I found strength in vulnerability and happiness through commitment to healthy habits. And now I’m on a mission to help others do the same.
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