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How-To: Calm Your Mind

Life is hectic and sometimes causes our minds to stray toward negative thoughts. We focus in on what we need to get done, what we could do better, and how behind we are on all of our projects. When our minds remain focused on negative energy, we create a "gloomy force field" around ourselves. That force field becomes contagious, causing those around us to shift towards a more stressful, gloomy attitude, as well.

How do we fix our negative attitudes when life starts to get overwhelming and chaotic? One easy solution is meditation.

Why should someone meditate on a daily basis?

1. To become more self-aware

2. To be able to observe your own reality in a more grounded and calm fashion

3. To be present

4. To give yourself a chance to discover your inner inspiration

5. To rejuvenate your mind and perspective

6. To intensify your spiritual connection

7. To boost your fulfillment in life

Now that we know the purpose of meditation and how it can have a major impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health, let’s learn how to meditate!

There are several different types of meditation. Maybe your go-to is yoga. Maybe your go-to is sitting in a semi-dark room and eliminating all distractions so you can focus on yourself. Whatever your go-to is, the most important part is focusing on your breathing and pushing out any worries you have.


1. Enter a calming, quiet environment

2. Adjust lights to a comfortable setting

3. Drop your shoulders

4. Relax your hands

5. Unclench your jaw

6. Focus your center of gravity to your stomach, then push it down and out through your feet

7. Breathe at a comfortable, natural pace

8. Breathe in focus

9. Breathe out worry

10. Eliminate all thoughts and stressors

11. Continue process until you feel at ease and relaxed

These steps will feel uncomfortable at first, but after a while you’ll get used to it. Soon, you’ll start to feel all your worries, negativity, and gloomy vibes disappear and your life will seem less hectic.

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